boots n cats frequently asked questions

1. Does it come with a FREE traveler backpack?

Yes, the cajon comes with a free traveler gig backpack. You can carry around anywhere easily.

2. Does the collapsible cajon have snare strings? Are they adjustable?

The cajon has adjustable guitar strings that run diagonally across the inside of the front striking face. On the bottom of the cajon is a hex head screw that controls how tight the strings are by pulling on them more or less. A 5/32" hex wrench is used for the adjustment. When the strings are pulled tighter they don't hit the front face as hard and you get less snare effect. When they are looser they have more play and hit the front face harder giving a greater snare sound. 

3. Is it really so heavy? 15 pounds sounds much for those measurements.

Not really that heavy --- but understand that this is a great Cajon for traveling around and it is fairly sturdy. No plastic, all wood. We have used high quality laminated basswood on the front-plate for deeper bass and crisp snare tone. The back and side plates are made with high density fiber board and laminated padauk.

4. Is it a regular sized cajon?

Yes, it is a regular sized foldable cajon. Its dimension are:

  • Width: 31cm
  • Depth: 30cm
  • Height: 48cm
5. I travel a lot for gigs and I am a frequent flyer. Does this cajon fit in the overhead luggage compartment?

Yes, our collapsible cajon is designed for musicians who travel a lot. It fits perfectly in the overhead luggage compartment for frequent flyers.

6. How long does it take for shipment?

All the orders are processed in 1-2 days and shipped within 4-7 business days. International shipment varies.

If you have any questions about our shipment, please check our Shipping Policy.